Fornax ICT Christmas Partner Get-together 2019

2019. 12. 02.

The Fornax ICT partner Christmas get-together took place aboard the Spoon ship this year. The event was attended not only by partners but by Fornax colleagues as well.

At the end of November, the restaurant of the ship Spoon hosted the Fornax ICT partner Christmas get-together that has become a tradition. The view of the Buda Castle guaranteed the festive spirit. Apart from our partners, our colleagues also attended the event that started with a casual standing reception, after which the mood was lightened with various games and quizzes, with people sitting at the same table forming teams. Everyone participated actively in the competition, whether it was drawing jointly or recognizing different sport footage snippets or image parts. 

After the dinner the people working on the same projects had the opportunity to get to know each other better, professional discussions were mixed with personal topics. The evening ended with a raffle, and the ones collecting the most tickets during the games had the best chance of winning. A very agreeable night was spent, based on feedbacks our partners will be happy to celebrate with Fornax also next year.