Christmas Teamwork at Fornax to Help the Cseppkő Childrens’ Home

2019. 12. 18.

The companies within the Fornax company group and their co-workers organised yet again a collection for the residents of the Cseppkő Children’s Home. The joint effort resulted in the collection of mainly sports and leisure gear and small electronic devices.

The Cseppkő Children’s Home in the second district of Budapest has been providing a home for the last 54 years to children who are unable to live with their biological families. The institution takes care of close to 270 children, most of whom are over ten years, but small children also find a home here, there is a preschool, and through the caretaking network infants are provided for as well.

The budget of the children’s home cannot easily cover leisure and sports equipment and IT devices that are useful and bring joy to the children but are not essential for the maintenance of the institution.

Employees of the Fornax company group therefore collected Christmas donations last December for the first time for the residents of the children’s home, and this year this effort was extended to the companies and promoted to a wider audience within Fornax. This December as well the colleagues contributed lots of presents, mainly sports and leisure gear to the Christmas collection, while the companies donated smaller IT devices to the children’s home.

The presents were handed over on the 18th of December, 2019 in the children’s home, the leader of the institution Dr Krisztián Herczeg accepted them from the workers of Fornax, saying thanks for the collection done jointly by the company group and its employees.