Fornax Eventus Partner Reunion

2018. 11. 30.

Yet again Fornax organized a Christmas get-together for its partners in the Zwack Unicum Museum and Visitor Centre.

Eventus, Fornax’s proprietary workflow and work force management system is connected to more than 150 partner systems and has a total of more than 10 000 users.

Fornax maintains an excellent professional relationship with its customers at home and abroad. Once again, it organized the Christmas Eventus Partners Christmas Reunion, this time in the Zwack Unicum Museum and Visitor Centre.

In the first half of the event the guests visited the museum. The visitors were shown the manufacturing processes of the more than 220-year-old herbal liquor based on secret recipe, and got to learn about the history of the family in the meantime. The guests were also wowed by the greatest miniature bottle collection of Eastern Europe counting more than 17 000 pieces.

The last stop of the tour was the magical, old distillery, where they were amazed by the distillery machines more than a century old and some huge stone steiners. Fornax’s business partners were not only able to taste the herbal liquor during their visit, they also got a peek into a few of the corridors of the underground maze of Unicum containing almost 500 oak barrels. The walk in the museum was followed by casual conversation and a dinner in the tasting room of the museum, live music was provided by a jazz band, The Diogenész.