Fornax Development – FradiBázis Management Support System for FTC

2019. 02. 09.

Commissioned by the Ferencvárosi Torna Club Fornax implemented an integrated management support system called FradiBázis. The implementation has been used at the Népliget site of FTC since December, 2018.

The integrated management support system developed by Fornax already has more than 6000 users, and the number of the members keep increasing. The solution has been in production at the FTC-MVM Népliget Sports Centre since December, 2018.

The implementation of the system catering for custom requirements of FTC was preceded by a thorough functional design. FradiBázis contains the functionalities of the earlier systems that were deemed useful, but the existing solutions were enhanced and new features were added. FradiBázis is an application with a user-friendly, state-of-the-art user interface, and it is connected to the access control and financial partner systems, implementing several complex features in close co-operation with these. For example, it enables registered members to enter and exit the Népliget site in a monitored and controlled manner, it tracks their movements around the site, and it can also guarantee access to authorised family members.

A further module is the member directory that also handles membership fees, and can thus feed the access control system with appropriate credentials. FradiBázis also supports the work of coaches and sections, the daily activities of the club and financial processes as well.

The complexity of the solution delivered by Fornax makes the daily work and the processes at the Népliget site much easier and more transparent. It handles the complex relationships of thousands of members, and by communicating with the access control system, it monitors and controls the movements within the site, and collaborating with the financial system it also supports the financial processes of the organisation.

The integrated management support system has an internal – available to registered members – mailing system and a chat module. A registered member can send e-mails and chat messages to other users he or she is connected to in the manner of social networks.

The system complying with state-of-the-art technological requirements uses a 3-tier, thin-client based solution. In other words, there is an application server between the database server and the client application running on the browser. Five features of the FradiBázis system are also available in views optimised for handheld devices: e-mail. chat, online membership fee payment, checking coach headcount and handling relationships. The solution communicates via interfaces with the access control and financial systems that have been in place for years. The system uses the OTP interface for on-line card payments.

FradiBázis has already gone live, but it has potential to be enhanced in several areas:

  • automatic analysis of data handled by the system and the processing of possible conclusions (such a feature already implemented is sending an e-mail warning in case someone is behind with the membership fee)
  • analytics optimised for different sports; tracking of an athlete’s career
  • interfacing FradiBázis with devices measuring and analysing the results and performances of athletes
  • The creation of a management information system the foundations of which are already available

The modular built-up of the integrated system paves the way for enhancements, and these modules can be separated and managed as individual units, but together they create a complex whole. Consequently, FradiBázis provides an ideal solution for other sport clubs as well

Following a thorough requirement assessment Fornax experts can customise current features and develop new ones if necessary, providing a complex solution for sport clubs and organisations. The greatest advantage of FradiBázis is that thanks to standard interfaces it can be connected to any legacy system assessing and evaluating its output.