The newest version of the redinner app is now available – developed by Fornax

2016. 09. 05.

The new purse and environment friendly mobile application, redinner, developed by Fornax was published recently and is already at 3000 downloads. A new advantage of this version is payment within the application, the display of the offer of several restaurants and the displaying of the restaurants on a map based on the user’s location.

In the beginning of 2016 Fornax announced its new development, the redinner mobile application that creates a new kind of interaction between restaurants and guests, offering a purse and environment friendly solution at the same time. The application helps restaurants to sell the food that is left at the time of closing with considerable discount. Redinner notifies registered guests who can decide whether to order from the food that can be picked up before the restaurant closes. It is a win-win situation: the restaurant can sell all its food, and the customer can eat fresh and tasty meals for a very discounted price.

The idea belongs to a Hungarian startup company, the development and pilot operation is done by Fornax, and the appearance, the look-and-feel was designed by Adamsky Budapest. The solution aims at mobile payment primarily and it runs on Android at this moment.

In Hungary several millions of portions of food is prepared daily in catering. If only a fraction of the surplus can be saved, we are already successful. This can mean up to tens of thousands of users with their bellies full. The first experiences are really positive, as the pilot run of the new application took place in February in Infopark, and the food offered at a discount price before closing was sold within minutes – the model clearly worked. In September the new application driven by the test results was published, and close to 3000 users downloaded it within a week.

It is not only the appearance that has changed in the new version of redinner, it can display maps, it can handle payments and it can support ordering from several restaurants. The solution also notifies redinner members about discount offers, the parties can find each other with greater ease. The service is GPS based, it sends notifications about the offers of restaurants that are within the area set up by the user. The Fornax developers also introduced filters which can help the picking of the meal based on food type. For example, if a user requests vegetarian meals only, he will be notified only if the food matches his criteria.

In canteens and lunch diners the unconsumed portions are offered in the afternoon, so we are more likely to find a good meal at this time in redinner too. The solution, however, also enables restaurants to offer further discounts in case it wishes to boost its slower hours. The inventors of redinner will first involve canteens, restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops in the initiative, and if the system works, they are open to include grocery products in the redinner portfolio. The next enhancement of the redinner solution will be driven by user feedback and demand.

The new version of redinner on Google Play

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