Redinner application of Fornax won the Dolphin Award in the category Innovation for Sustainability

2017. 06. 22.

The environment- and wallet-friendly mobile application, redinner, developed by Fornax in 2016 established a new relationship between restaurants and their guests. Almost 10 000 people have downloaded it so far, and using it on a daily basis they „save” food decreasing waste and protecting the environment.

In 2008 Hungarian Telecom founded the DOLPHIN AWARD which is meant to acknowledge enterprises that show an outstanding commitment to sustainable development. Since 2013 the company announces the competition not only among its vendors, any company active in Hungary could run for the award with plans that were implemented in 2016. The tenders were evaluated and ranked by a board of professional judges.

This year out of four categories the judges awarded a certificate to Fornax ICT for its tender in the category „Innovation for Sustainability”, for demonstrating the connection between environment consciousness, innovation and sustainability through the redinner application.

One of the main issues of our day is food waste. Almost four billion tons of food is produced yearly. According to some estimates, 30-50% of that food never make it people’s stomachs. The redinner application is a custom development of Fornax on web and mobile platforms based on the ideas and requests of redinner Kft., offering a solution to this problem.

Redinner connects consumers with restaurants in their proximity. Its primary feature is helping registered users to „reserve” the surplus food of restaurants, cafeterias, snack bars at the end of the day and to buy them at a discounted price.

The application works as an online menu that is continuously refreshed. The users can configure what their phones or tablets should bring up (e.g. special diet, vegetarian etc.) and they can filter which nearby restaurants they wish to see offers from, and they will get notifications only about these.

Redinner is currently free of charge for both the consumers and the restaurants. The application can be downloaded by anyone from the Apple Store or Google Play and they can register with a facebook or a gmail account or with an e-mail address and password of their choice. And all that the restaurants have to do is enter the left over but perfectly presentable meals on a web or mobile GUI, categorize them according to pre-set criteria, register the original and the discounted price and the quantity, and the system sends the notifications to the appropriate users straight away. Everybody wins with redinner, and only positive economic, social and environmental effects can be expected on the long run.

Fornax has been committed to sustainability for years, paying attention to the environment not only during the elaboration of its business strategy and its daily operations, but also during the creation of its IT solutions. The goal is always the creation of an efficient system with as low costs as possible – the developers, however, consider not only business interests while designing the system, they also keep sustainability in mind.

We are proud and we are grateful for this award acknowledging our work to Katinka Berecz and her team.

We ❤ reDinner

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