Fornax and Redinner at the 10th Day of Sustainability

2017. 10. 12.

Thanks to Telekom the Day of Sustainability was organized for the tenth time this year. This festival-conference with professional discussions, an exhibition and the afterparty mainly targets young people, and everything revolves around sustainability and related solutions.

This year we were invited as well to participate as an exhibitor with our Redinner application. Our mobile app that is friendly both to the environment and to the wallet received the Dolphin-award in June 2017 in the „Innovation for sustainability” category, demonstrating once again the connection between environment consciousness, innovation and sustainability.

The first Day of Sustainability took place in 2008, and the tenth DoS was organized on the 30th of September in the Aquarium Club. This utterly novel professional event is a lot more energetic, complex, interactive and hyperactive than other similar professional conferences. Famous people are invited to participate in the discussions, people who indeed contribute to sustainability, who have some extraordinary accomplishment in this area. The organizers endeavoured to concentrate on truly professional and positive messages, and they did their utmost to focus on current hot topics. Inspecting the three pillars of sustainability – economy-environment-society – they organized break up sessions, where the invited guests offered some insights into current sustainability issues and made suggestions regarding the solutions, voiced their opinions.

Every year the event hosts an exhibition as well, where the concepts mentioned in the talks can be viewed and experienced. The goal of this full day event is to involve the visitors, to keep them active continuously. This way they were not afraid to ask questions, to give things a try, to voice their opinions and to play…

To be continued next year. Save all!​