The lead of our finance team publishes on the 5percAdó.hu business portal

2016. 07. 25.

5PercAdó, an internet portal about taxation and accounting asked the head of finance in Fornax to share some of his experiences on the job with „colleagues”.

Csaba Mátyás, the head of finance in Fornax finished first on the „Accountant of the Year” national competition in 2015. As a result of this acknowledgement, our colleague was contacted by 5PercAdó, a professional internet page about taxation and accounting with more than 16 000 registered readers, and was asked to share his experiences on some current issues with the „industry”.


Our finance lead got his degree from College of Finance and Accountancy of the BBS in 2009 with a „Pro Universitate Juventutis” qualification. He gained his first work experience at a multinational auditing company. From the summer of 2011 he was the head of accounting at Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines, a newly founded institute monitoring the nationalized hospitals, and since spring, 2012 he is the head of finance in Fornax. Csaba has been continuously improving himself since his graduation, most recently he became a certified public account according to IFRS standards.

„In the course of our business we sometimes face complex taxation and accounting issues, to some of which we find solutions easily, others, however, require lengthier research, interpretation of regulations, perhaps asking for an official opinion. These complex solutions can prove useful for others as well”  – our expert said.