The Finance Team of Fornax goes Go-karting

2016. 02. 05.

A Fornax pénzügyi csoportja egy Gokart versenyen mérte össze vezetési tudását.

The members of the finance team of Fornax competed with one another during a day of team building, but for once instead of crunching numbers they sat behind the steering wheel – as they entered a Go-kart race in the G1 Kart Center.

Regarding driving talent the contestants varied a lot, which made the race rather colourful and entertaining. Our colleagues started with test laps to qualify, and these determined the starting positions in the final grand race. The event was given a female touch by a talented, quick lady driver among the host of fast men. The members of the fairer sex encouraged the participants with their professional and experienced cheering.


It was foreseeable right from the start that the first prize will be snatched by a male contestant. In the end all three levels of the podium were occupied by men.