A New Challenge – Fornax ICT entered a Go-kart race

2016. 06. 10.

A tavalyi év sikerén felbuzdulva a Fornax ICT csapata idén is rajthoz állt az elektromos gokartokkal hogy megmutassa, ez a kihívás sem jelent számára akadályt.

At the CPI Hungary Go-kart Championship, Fornax contestants matched their driving skills with the staff of other companies to see who is the faster, more skilful and more cunning motorist. 15 teams, meaning 90 people entered the championship organized in the underground parking of Europeaum, most of them representing the gender more traditionally associated with speeding.

The 240 meter long go-kart track was designed for go-karts run by special electronic engines possessing electronics so intelligent that the vehicle slows down automatically if the driver crashes into things too often. Each go-kart weighs 150 kg, and thanks to its four different speed levels, six-year olds can drive them as well. Another advantage of speed levels is that they can compensate the large weight differences between drivers, as a heavier chauffeur can accelerate to a similar velocity with a higher speed level. The host and the entertainer of the evening was Gábor Bazsó (aka Karotta, aka Ninó Karotta), who might be familiar from the TotalCar.hu online motor magazine.

The drivers started off with test laps, which settled the grid positions of the qualifying sessions. The laps of the qualifying sessions determined the team result, and finally the six most successful teams were able to send a driver each to the final grand race.

The team of six men of Fornax ICT was obviously less interested in best lap times and more interested in overtaking others. Competition boiled in their blood, they fought to the finish with the other contestants. Last year the team of Fornax ICT finished fourth. This year they did not bring home the cup, but the distance set out at the start was covered and covered well.

An account of the 2015 race:

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