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2017. 09. 04.

The Fornax company group has signed an agreement of cooperation with Red Hat in order to be able to extend its service portfolio with the help of their business solutions.

Red Hat has been a market leader since 1993 in the area of delivering IT solutions based on open source systems. Their user-friendly management tools for workflow and decision support cater for all aspects of process handling: modelling, simulation, testing, monitoring the installation and optimization. Their solutions combine technologies of workflow management, business rules management, business resource planning and complex event processing in an integrated platform.

With the help of their products the users can design business rules and processes, they can automate business operation, and they can measure the result of the business activity in a heterogeneous environment – physical, virtual, cloud. With the help of the integration platform the developer companies can easily produce reusable, changeable and flexible modular business solutions, hiding the heterogeneity of various enterprise systems. The software products and services of Red Hat have become a part of corporate IT environments, these solutions practically became the standard IT tools of the largest firms.

As a result of our Technological and Business Cooperation we have the chance to get to know, try and learn the knowledge connected to the use of the platforms. By getting to know this product portfolio we can deepen and widen our professional competency.

The systems created on the Red Hat platforms will incorporate the perfectly integrated, tested and supported solutions of several popular, open source projects, offering the power of community innovation and the security of supported services at the same time.

We hope that this new addition to our service and product portfolio will open up further market opportunities for us, and we will be able to provide more and more solutions catering for every demand of our clients.