A party to kick off the new year with the Finance Team of Fornax

2017. 02. 08.

The finance team of Fornax started the year 2017 with a casual kick-off party.

The finance team of the Fornax company group recently organized a party to kick-off the new year In restaurant Paulaner. The organizers envisioned a cosy event, and meeting expectations the party turned out to be very casual and laidback with lots of dancing and games. The evening was launched by a guest presentation of the company group’s R&D team, where the company experts spoke about the interesting ongoing projects.

The surprise of the event was a photo game. The team members sent childhood photos of themselves earlier, and it was up to their colleagues to guess who is to be seen on which picture. The most successful players were awarded with theatre vouchers in addition to their moral victory. The team members were also asked to send in suggestions for songs, so the party atmosphere was enhanced not only by the room decorated with balloons, streamers and lampions, but also by the fact that everybody could play DJ, if only for a little while. ​