Team building action to kick off the year – Fornax ICT was let loose

2017. 02. 28.

A Fornax cégcsoport ICT leányvállalata idén egy mozgalmas csapatépítővel kezdte szabadidős programjainak sorát.

Professional discussions and casual entertainment went side by side at the first team building of Fornax ICT this year. In the Stex House following a buffet lunch we had the chance to listen to speeches launching the new year, to have an overview of running projects, and to discuss last year’s experiences and this year’s plans. Following the formal introduction came the fun part of the event – the panic room escape games were constructed around various themes. There was X Files, Time Trap, Saw, Lost, Sherlock, Mind Blower, and 12 teams of 5-6 people entered the game in 6 arenas wearing Fornax colours. The teams had to successfully escape from the rooms within 60 minutes by solving various intriguing and challenging problems. All the teams got out in time.

In the Time Trap room the team members had a reverse journey through three different stages of life. In the Sherlock room Holmes got into trouble, and our colleagues had to save him. And in the X Files room Fornax staff members had the no mean feat to clear the dubious situation agents Mulder and Scully found themselves in, and to prove that truth is yet again out there.

Thanks to our continuous growth Fornax ICT had an increase in headcount in the recent past. The team building gave not only the old foxes an opportunity to relax in a pleasant afternoon, the new hires also had a chance to get to know their colleagues in a casual setting.