Fornax internal training in co-operation with DPC

2017. 06. 07.

Fornax co-operating with DPC Consulting organized a training for its experts in the topics of Frontend development and Scrum methodology

Fornax has had an excellent strategic and professional partnership with DPC Consulting, a company dealing with IT training, consulting and software development. As a result the two companies recently organized their first joint professional meeting, with the event focusing on agile programming. The key note speaker was Dr. Ferenc Birloni, an internationally renowned and experienced professional of the agile methodology. It was full house in the Cloud room of Loffice in Paulay Ede Street.

The Meetup was followed by yet another joint venture, an internal training given by DPC to Fornax experts. The first part of the training is based on the agile methodology of Scrum, which is beginning to replace more and more often the waterfall model of earlier days. As a result of the training so-called Scrum teams replaced the existing teams, and a more adaptive, clearer development process began in Fornax. As opposed to the earlier waterfall model, projects adapt more easily to the changing demands of the customer, and teams are able to deliver the applications and products closest to the customers’ needs. Thanks to the iterative and incremental development model the customer can be up-to-date regarding the status of the application, the methodology allows the continuous fine tuning of the developments, plus the modules with high business value stay always in the forefront.

Zoltán Nagy, the general manager of Fornax ICT deems the training and the development of the skills of the employees extremely important, that is why he initiated the training organized jointly with DPC. „IT is one of the sectors that are currently the quickest to develop. In order to keep up with new professional trends Fornax always does everything it can to provide marketable knowledge to its experts, to teach them the cutting edge programming languages”, the executive said.

In the second part of the training the trainees get an overview of Fronetend development, more specifically, they get to learn the NodeJS and Angular 2 frameworks that continuously acquire a more and more important position. As these are based on JavaScript and Typescript, technologies that are accepted and widespread in the web market, Fornax developers get up-to-date expertise with this competency, and a host of project opportunities open up for the company. As several Fornax staff members participate in the training, the company will be able to provide scalable and flexible resources to web projects of the future, using the latest technology.

The team of DPC has been performing developments and software developer trainings since 1998, from the traditional Java training to modern JavaScript and Angular courses, from soft skill trainings to agile education. „The most popular product of recent years has been Skill Sprint Academy (, an „off the shelf” training package offered for companies, a private, customized bootcamp, if you will, which helps our clients to continuously train their existing and new employees”, said Géze Simon, the general manager of DPC Consulting (