New Fornax Development Centre launched in Veszprém

2016. 01. 20.

A Fornax új veszprémi irodájában dolgozó munkatársak az Eventus munkafolyamat és munkaerő-kezelő szoftver termékfejlesztésén dolgoznak, a fejlesztői központ emellett lehetőséget teremt egy eredményes szakmai együttműködésre a Pannon Egyetemmel és a Széchenyi Egyetemmel is.

The Fornax company group recently opened a new office out of the capital, in the town centre of Veszprém. One of the reasons for choosing this historical town north of the Lake Balaton was the high quality IT training that had been going on here for decades. The IT faculty of Pannon University provides young people with sophisticated knowledge that is also usable in the market, and Fornax ICT is able to grant them a competitive career opportunity on the long run. Moreover, Fornax ICT wishes to tackle its Research & Development tasks with excellent partners, so it signed a cooperation agreement with both the Széchenyi University in Győr and the Pannon University in Veszprém.

As a first step of this cooperation Zoltán Nagy, the general manager of Fornax ICT gave a lecture last fall for the IT students of Pannon University, in which he shared his experiences of several decades in the world of IT business.

At the beginning of January five junior software developers started work under the leadership of a senior professional in the new office of Fornax ICT. The continuous development and substantial growth of the development centre is part of the company group’s short term plan.

In parallel with the half year training the new colleagues will have to innovate the internal procedures of Eventus, a solution that has won both domestic and international awards, and to perform product development tasks. In addition to research & development, the experts also concentrate on documentation and the creating, using and testing of methodologies.

The first phase for the young employees will be about training and learning – the knowledge will be transferred from ICT experts who were there at the very beginning, at the birth of Fornax’s very own Eventus solution, and participated actively in the shaping of the platform.

According to Zoltán Nagy in addition to the developments targeting custom requirements, the goal is to create the next generation of the Eventus workflow and work force management system.