Agile software development – Meetup organized by Fornax ICT and DPC

2017. 03. 21.

A Fornax és a DPC nemrég megszervezte első közös szakmai találkozóját, ahol az este fókuszában az agilis módszertan témája állt. Az előadó Dr. Birloni Ferenc, az agilis módszertan egyik magyarországi tapasztalt szakértője volt.

There was full house at the first Meetup organized by DPC and the Fornax company group in the Cloud room of Loffice in Paulay Ede Street.

The meetup was triggered among other things by the excellent strategical and professional cooperation between Fornax ICT and DPC Consulting, a firm active in the areas of IT training, consulting and software development.

The speaker of the conference in March was Dr. Ferenc Birloni, an extremely experienced professional, who is currently the Technology manager of zLense. He graduated from the Technical University of Budapest in 1995, having studied and taught with a grant at the University of Technology Sydney for two semesters in 1994. He wrote his thesis in face recognition. After graduation he studied and conducted research for four years at the University of Tokyo with the grant of the Japanese Ministry of Education, and he obtained his Ph.D. and doctorate at the faculty of Mathematical Sciences and Information Physics. His work experience has a wide range, he worked in Australia and Japan during and in between his studies. He acted as a consultant at several companies.

The expert spoke about agile software development and its pitfalls – he presented thought-provoking ideas through practical examples that got the attention of even those in the audience who did not necessarily work with this methodology.

For Fornax this jointly organized meetup was especially relevant as the project managers and the executives recently participated in an internal methodology training on this very subject, which was also led by Ferenc as a trainer.

After the presentation a discussion ensued, where the participants considered the traps of an installation, mentioning of course the possible solutions and loopholes as well.

Zoltán Nagy, the general manager of Fornax ICT finds initiatives like this a good idea, for these meetups provide an excellent opportunity for professional dialogue – where experts can casually exchange views, hear new ideas and see the given topic from a whole new perspective.