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Redinner mobile application – Fornax’s new development of 2016
Fornax in the radio program Spájz of Karc FM
Family friendly day

Redinner mobile application – Fornax’s new development of 2016

A new platform connecting you with restaurants nearby creating a win-win situation. Offers are constantly updated, and your current position is always taken into consideration.
With the application you can find an optimal discount on food in an easy way with next to no effort. You can pick your meal to your liking in a reasonable distance at a reasonable price.

Redinner not only speeds up the communication between restaurants and consumers, it also decreases the amount of wasted food. A responsible mind-set contributes to the preservation of soil, drinking water, clean air and a liveable environment.

Further details:
Redinner: a purse and environment friendly mobile application
The newest version of the redinner app is now available – developed by Fornax

Karc Fm – 2016

Zoltán Nagy, the general manager of Fornax ICT was a guest on the radio program Spájz of KARC. Our expert has been working with corporate IT solutions for more than twenty years, is open to new technologies of all sorts, and considers the solving of everyday problems with them a challenge. The topic is one that is linked to everyday situations in hundreds of ways, so it can be interesting for the general public as well, not only for developers.

Follow the link to listen to the chat:

Curling – 2016

The curling team of Fornax ICT hadn’t been active in this sport for a very long time, and they already won this year’s (2016) Monday Corporate Curling Cup. Without being beaten a single time!


Family friendly day – 2014

Fornax ICT won the Family Friendly Company tender in the medium sized company category of the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement in both 2015 and 2016. The tender also offered the opportunity to shoot a mini video – in 2014the judges awarded a special prize for our film, this can be watched below.