A spring out of the ordinary at Fornax

2020. 06. 04.

Amid the COVID19 pandemic the decisions made at the Fornax company group were driven primarily by the safety and health of the co-workers, but professional and financial considerations were also made.

The Fornax company group was among the first in mid-March to transition to home office for all of the employees in order to ensure the safety and protect the health of the co-workers. As the option and flexible handling of home office had already been present in the company culture for a long time, the transition took a mere 24 hours, and most of the 120 strong staff continue to work from home to the present day.

In April we had a precaution package consisting of certified protective gear delivered to every one of our co-workers. The package contained FFP2 certified masks, gloves, sanitizers and vitamins for boosting the immune system – our goal was to contribute to the protection against contagion.

Our team of excellent professional is the company group’s most valuable asset, so even after the partial lifting of restrictions the option of telecommuting remained available to all of our employees who prefer to continue working remotely. For those returning to the office a few days a week, masks, gloves and sanitizers working with infrared sensors ensure their comfort and feeling of safety. Furthermore, we provide the option of COVID19 quick tests, with the involvement of health care professionals, of course.