The Magic Lamp Foundation: 3756 dreams fulfilled – With Fornax Support

2019. 12. 06.

In Hungary every one and a half days the wish of a child with a life-threatening condition is fulfilled. The Magic Lamp Foundation gives not only presents and joy to sick children, but also hope and encouragement. Fornax has been helping the work of the foundation for over a decade.

Every year the nationwide wish-fulfilling network grants 260 wishes in average, dreamed up by children between the ages of 3 and 18 with life threatening medical conditions.

In the past decade the public benefit organization granted 3756 wishes with the help of donors.

The nationwide wish-granting network plays a huge role in the recovery of the children. The young ones fighting a grave disease can find hope and strength in the fact that sometimes seemingly impossible dreams can come true.

Within the borders of Europe, the co-workers of the network fulfil the children’s various wishes with the help of age appropriate objects and events.

According to the communication expert of the foundation, Márta Felkai, the children’s fantasy knows no limits when it comes to wishes. The organizers encountered some very peculiar requests this year as well. Some travelled to Malta to pat dolphins, some wanted to have a slide or monkey bars, others longed to go to the zoo or horse riding.

A little girl for example was presented by stylist Márk Lakatos with a vampire attire known from the Vampire Diaries, and a disabled child wished for a unique lion headed stick to have something that helps him walk. Thanks to the Magic Lamp, two children were even able to meet Ed Sheeran at a Budapest Summer Festival.

Fornax believes in dreams coming true – as the almost 30 year old company grew from a small venture to a company group counting 150 co-workers – and that is one of the reasons why it values and supports every year the activity of the Magic Lamp Foundation that has been active for 16 years.