Children’s Railway on Children’s Day 2015

2015. 06. 08.

An event not to be missed took place in Hűvösvölgy on Children’s Day, the 31st of May, with Fornax among the supporters, and several of our colleagues showed up with their families.

The small railway connecting the popular excursion sites of the hills of Buda – where the young railway men on duty enthusiastically and of course responsibly organize the life of the Children’s Railway – is exciting even for adults, let alone the children! Especially this year, when a Children’s Day was organized at the Hűvösvölgy station with a lot of free leisure activities and concerts! The Children’s Day on the 31st of May in Hűvösvölgy was not to be missed by either gown-ups or children, and Fornax employees also visited the event. The participants were able to enjoy Tibor Fülóp’s magic tricks and the Japanese drum performance of Taiko Hungary among others, and Fruzsina Kovácsovics, the Apacuka band and Animal Cannibals also took the stage.

In addition to stage performances, the Children’s Railway prepared several other events for the entertainment of visitors. Train aficionados were able to try the garden train and the pump car tracks, and there was a presentation of a wooden train toy layout and a model railway. The streetcar module system of the Children’s Railway with its current length of 25 meters is unique in Hungary. The network of the tracks and the surroundings echo Budapest, several elements are based on examples taken from real life. The fans of models were able to see a part of this at the exhibition, along with the diverse collection of streetcars. Beside the host of curiosities the main attraction was of course the railway itself, which was free of charge for the children that day. The event was supported by Fornax as well.