This year again: Challenge24 Programming Competition

2015. 02. 11.

Entrants can register until the 26th of February to the 15th Challenge24, one of the greatest and reportedly most prestigious European independent programming team competitions. The initiative has been supported by Fornax since the beginning.

One of the greatest and reportedly most prestigious European independent programming team competitions will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year. The 15th International 24-hour programming competition, Challange24 is organized by the Electrical Engineering Students’ Hungarian Association. The contest is an excellent opportunity for both students and professionals in Hungary to compare their expertise with that of the best software developers of the world.

Fornax deems it very important to discover and support young talents, and therefore has been subsidizing Challange24 from the very beginning, and this year Fornax will be a diamond-grade sponsor of the event. The contest of 2015 is backed by Hungarian universities, foreign institutes of higher education and several other multinational companies as well, such as Google and Prezi.

More than 200 teams compete each year to make it to the top 30 and the finals in Budapest, which this year will be held from the 27th to the 28th of June in the Tavaszmező Street building of the Óbuda University. Preliminary screening is done on the homepage of Challenge24, to which registrations can be made following this link until the 26th of February:

The competing teams have to solve complex problems requiring a vast range of knowledge in the areas of mathematics, algorithms, graphics, network and AI. The organizers strived to base the tasks on real life, and the solutions can be worked out using algorithms. During the online screening and the on-site finals the teams are allowed to use any development tool, book, operating system, coding language, and during the finals they are allowed to use their own computers.

During the three day event a so-called IT-picnic is also organized, at which teams that do not make it to the finals are offered business related activities.

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