We support the Technology for Society Foundation

2017. 08. 02.

Fornax is committed to supporting the future generation of IT professionals, we believe that the Hungarian IT industry can be developed by backing talented youth. This time we support the Technology for Society Foundation, an organisation that harmonizes and represents the needs and demands of stakeholders within the industry, among civilians, in education and the government in order to help achieve development goals in the area of IT and communication technology.

The foundation offers various solutions through its activity to make it clear for everybody that everyday life today is impossible without digital devices and a digital mind-set.

Their current and future programs include:

  • Participation in the organization of Digital Project Week 2018 – there is no other event in the area of digital pedagogy today of such magnitude reaching out to so many educational institutes, teachers and students. During the Digital Project Week the schools digitally process the material and skills to be taught within the framework of a unified topic, almost independently of the curriculum and the timetable. Great emphasis is laid on skill developing components, creation, teamwork and a project-based approach. The event is the entrance hall to public education, as the ultimate goal is to make the methodology of the Digital Project Week the standard as the curriculum changes over time.
  • hu web page – the goal of the new web page is to collect programming related trainings and events (eg.: tenders) for students, teachers, parents and everyone wishing to learn.
  • Elaboration of a framework for student volunteer work
  • Alba Innovár – Supporting the digital experience centre in Székesfehérvár with methodology: (http://albainnovar.hu/  https://www.facebook.com/albainnovar/?fref=ts )
  • Coordination of the Digital Pilot School – this year will see the launch of the pilot program as a first step of the pedagogical digital developments. The implementation will start based on the recommendations of the Digital Educational Strategy and the tasks named within the government initiative that ruled on the acceptance of the strategy. The goal of the Digital Pilot School is answering a number of questions, such as what kind of IT and communication technology devices will ensure the digital pedagogical background in the 21st century? What are the efficient methods of digital pedagogy, and what kind of human infrastructure is required? How can the pilot school environment be applied to the whole of public education? etc.

We have confidence in the useful and helpful work of the foundation, we believe its programs will create value and show the way to go. We wish them every success, and we assure them of our support.