International Football Tournament – Fornax as sponsor and participant

2016. 10. 03.

After the amazing Hungarian success at the UEFA Euro 2016 and the stupor that followed, this autumn the Fornax team also had a chance to play football on international waters in the company’s colours.

This autumn Fornax not only sponsored the international football tournament looking back on a past of six years, it also entered its own team along with two other Hungarian, two German and a Polish teams. The players meet once a year for a weekend always organized by a different team. The host of this year’s three-day event was the team of Hungarian Telekom made up mainly of its football loving technical staff.

Besides sponsoring the event, Fornax also entered a formidable team into the championship. They were unable to beat the winner, the strong team of the Telekom Group, the members of which had been playing football together actively for 10 years, but they did finish on the prestigious 4th place. Moreover, the special Goalie Prize went to our Peter Franta, whose excellent, unfaltering and almost flawless defence saved the Fornax team from many a goals. Our team was made stronger by three young players, Bence Balogh, Ákos Franta and a brave lady, Hanna Dárdai, who, knowing no fear and sparing no effort, fought for the ball with competitors often twice their size.

The excellent result is not the merit of our great Fornax footballers alone, but also the team of cheerleaders made up of colleagues and family, who cheered for the team all through the five games, creating a fantastic mood for the players and themselves as well. Handmade blue-white pompons, blue-white face paintings and noise creating devices such as rattlers and horns also made their appearance. Non-playing Fornax juniors joined the band of supporters.

The footballers of Fornax came away with a cup, a plaquette and two professional balls. Following the championship the organizers invited the Fornax team to a dinner with the prize handing out ceremony. ​