The day of Fornax Juniors – Child-friendly workday 2016

2016. 09. 02.

The child-friendly workday has become a tradition at Fornax. The organizers yet again had fun sport activities, entertaining puzzles and creative activities in store for the young ones.

The new premises of Fornax ICT on Váci út also proved to be an excellent venue for the child friendly day in late August. The zealous and ever more resourceful organizer team consisted of our own colleagues again, who did their best to come up with an even more colourful bouquet of activities – they probably had at least as much fun as the little ones. The day began with an energizer exercise led by Szabina, our runner and long distance hiker. The children could then immerse themselves in the art of balloon twisting. The session was facilitated by the grand master of balloon twisting, Zoltán Nagy, our general manager, who was content to see the development the Fornax children went through in the past years – many of them made their balloon animals on their own.

A new challenge was the Are you smarter than a Fornax employee? quiz game, in which Mészi and Timi prepared a set of questions for juniors wishing to prove that they are as brainy – if not brainier – than their fathers and mothers. To give the reader a taste:

You are flying an airplane. You depart from Budapest with 11 passengers, 5 more board in Vienna, 9 disembark. In Paris all but 1 get off. How old is the pilot?

Name one of the favourite fruits of mobile developers.

The children enjoyed those questions the most that were aimed at Fornax celebrities, namely their parents, and that required a little bit of wit and creativity (e.g.: How does the software get on the shelf?). In the midst of serious brainteasers, Mészi and Timi managed to fox the eager kids with some surprising questions, for example they asked the favourite question of the minions: Poka banana?, but of course they got good replies for these as well.

Those wishing to build a railway or play board games had the whole day to do so in the relax room. It was also here that Fornax juniors had the opportunity to create something: a new activity, wall painting was introduced. The organizers drew the outline of a little tree from a fairy tale with plants and animals on one of the wall surfaces, and children were able to colour these in relying on their imagination. The shorter artists worked on the bottom of the wall with some help, the taller ones pained the upper regions. By the end of the day, the grey outline turned into a fabulous tree.

The indispensable bakery competition was again a great success, all sweet and salty works of culinary art vanished by the afternoon. The winner was Viktor Fornax, who baked a real delicate milk-cake for everybody. The tiniest members of the Fornax family joined the fun: one year old Bius, Adri and Oli truly enjoyed the child friendly day at our firm.

Fornax ICT lays great emphasis on the family friendly attitude. Not only flexible working hours and telecommuting, but also body shopping and part time employment help the families. Among other factors this helped Fornax ICT to win the Family Friendly Company tender in the medium sized company category of the Three Princes, Three Princesses Movement in both 2015 and 2016.

„A family friendly work environment provides security for the employee, so he can perform better and be more successful, and this in turn effects his family life as well – these two factors reinforce each other”, said Zoltán Nagy general manager, also a father of two.

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