Kicking off 2016

2016. 02. 06.

The Fornax company group celebrated its successes of the previous year with an evening together kicking off the year 2016.

With this event the management of the company group wished to say thank you to the colleagues for their work throughout the year, providing an opportunity to have fun together forgetting to-dos and obligations for a time.

Last year Fornax had many successful projects and received several professional awards, moreover participated in a few sport events wearing „Fornax blue”.

The company group is proud of its newly opened development centre in Veszprém as well as of three important awards: the Dolphin Award it received from Hungarian Telekom in the category of sustainability, the Family Friendly Company Award 2015, and last but by no means least the acknowledgement the financial manager of Fornax received by winning the Accountant of the Year Award.

There was therefore cause for celebration during the evening, and many cups, medals and gifts were handed out at the dinner. The presentation of the awards was followed by the show of stand up comedian Peter Aranyosi, and after dinner people flooded the dance floor, where the music and the good mood was provided by DJ Budai Gyula, aka DJ Mezzo.