Fornax is a golden grade sponsor of this year’s Challange24

2016. 04. 03.

Attention, young and talented programmers, you can now register for the Challange24 programming team competition and the Hungarian Cup.

Registration is now open for Challenge24 2016, one of the most important programming team competitions in Europe organized in Hungary, which will be held this year for the 16th time – a round number, if you happen to be a programmer. In addition to the international championship, the Electrical Engineering Students’ Hungarian Association also announced the Hungarian Cup for the second time, giving 10 Hungarian teams the opportunity to match their skills and experience the atmosphere of an international final.

The total sum of the prizes of Challege24 exceeds one million HUF, and it is a real race of problem solving, where programming plays the role of the most important engineering/maths tool. Last year the tasks included reading music scores, navigating table tennis balls and a five-in-a-row game with 30 competing teams with the help of AI. All the tasks are based on problems from real life and are inspired by challenges an engineer typically faces.

Challenge24 therefor offers a unique opportunity for university students and already employed programmers to match their skills in a home environment with those of other coding geniuses from other countries, who are familiar with areas of math, algorithm theory or engineering.

Registration of the teams happen via the official home page of Challenge24 until the 29th of April. The teams of three can make it to the Budapest finals via the preselection process that takes place on the 30th of April on the web page of the competition. The finals will be held between the 23rd and 26th of June.

The participants of the challenge will have to tackle a set of tasks demanding various skills, built around problems related to mathematics, algorithms, graphics, networks and AI. The tasks are inspired by real life problems, and they can be solved algorithmically. Both the electronic preselection and the finals allow the use of any development tool, book, operating system, programming language. The participants use their own computers during both rounds. The tasks and solutions of the tasks of the past 15 years can be found on the web page in order to help preparing for the big day.

The participation of the students is supported by Hungarian universities, foreign institutes of higher learning and both domestic and international enterprises, who frequently follow the combat on site. Fornax, a company with a 25 year old past and the founder of the competition, is still the golden grade sponsor of Challange24. From the start, the company supports the seeking out of young programming talents and getting to know them. Finishing among the first few at Challenge24 is a serious professional accomplishment, so each year hundreds of teams enter the race.


The event named ITpiknik that is on its way to become tradition offers a further opportunity to get to know the sponsors and to do a bit of networking. ITpiknik is an open air, informal brown bag event, where all interested visitors van get a glimpse of the professional life of companies from the world of IT that attend the picnic.



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