Fornax’s exclusive pre-premier screening of the movie #SOHAVÉGETNEMÉRŐS

2016. 12. 12.

The house was full at Fornax’s exclusive pre-premier private screening of the movie #SOHAVÉGETNEMÉRŐS in Budapest.

The huge audience made up of Fornax’s partners and staff took its seats merrily in the big film theatre of Toldi, and the mood got even better as the funny film full of amusing twists proved to be a great success with the guests.

The musical called #Sohavégetnemérős supported by Fornax will be in cinemas from the 1st of December. The film was inspired by the incredibly popular hits of Wellhello, a group founded by Tomi Flour and Diaz, and it is made up of six separate stories.

The film gives us flashes of summer adventures of an extended generation – people in their late teens, twenties, early thirties. All vital aspects of their life pop up: the on-line world dominating their existence (Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat…) in addition to parties, concerts and festivals. Let us „Like” the moment, let us be everywhere at the same time, or else we’ll miss out on life or whatever we believe to be life.

The revolutionary distribution will be taken care of by Mobile Cinema.  Before the actual cinema premier the company will take the film in 50 days to 100 Hungarian settlements where there are no working cinemas any more. Cinemas start showing the film on the 1st of December, and later on it will come out on DVD as well.

Fornax’s exclusive pre-premier screening was also visited by the boys, Flour and Diaz, the producer, book-tv-film man Balázs Lévai, and the director, Dániel Tiszeker. Fornax believes in youth and talent, which was the reason it supported the film mostly made by young artists and actors.

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Photos by Kovács Ádám Youtubestudio