“Release it, Let it go” – The documentary of the Csík Orchestra with Fornax support.

2015. 07. 31.

Melodies moving the heart and feet, entwining human fates, the story of three restarts. A touching documentary about the 25 year old Csík Orchestra, the song called “It is fading away right now”, Tibor Kiss (Quimby) and the Erdőszombattelki Orchestra.

Tradition and novelty perfectly complement each other in the music of the Csík Orchestra that is celebrating its quarter of a century jubilee this year just like us. Similarly, in the area of IT tradition and innovation coexist for Fornax, building a strong unit! That was one of the reasons we decided to support Balázs Lévai’s documentary titled “Release it, Let it Go”.

How do three seemingly independent lives intertwine, which are only connected by music at first glance. By the end of the movie it turns out that the links between these fates go much deeper, they share a lot more than that.

The song called “It is fading away right now” is the extraordinary merging of the stories of the Csík Orchestra, Tibor Kiss, and a Transylvanian orchestra from Erdőszombattelek. And the connection is the same in every fate, the story of starting again – summarized by this particular song: “It is fading away right now, release it, let it go…” It is perhaps this song that best demonstrates the unique work of the Csík Orchestra. Its success is obvious based on the full houses of the concerts and the fact the Quimby cover has been viewed by more than 10 million users on YouTube.

Those who are not familiar with the original song may think that it is an old Hungarian folk song, something similarly touching as the music collected by Kodály and Bartók. This assumption does hold some truth, as the Csík Orchestra hid in there a folk song motif from Erdőszombattelek, the ‘tale”, which thereby connects to the third story and takes us to Transylvania.

A gripping script, great people, touching stories and a bit of pleasant, wry humor. During the watching of the film the viewer often feels to be a part of the events, just as if he was sitting at the same table with the characters.

At the premier in the Urania Movie Theater the audience did not really want to let go of the movie in the last minutes of the show, the will to dance was palpable. The National TV has shown the documentary several times.