FORNAX’s solution, the Hír-Közmű System

2023. 02. 10.

The Hír-Közmű System developed by Fornax ICT and the Unified Infocommunications Object Model on which it is based holds the promise of a complete change of approach and modernisation of the entire Hungarian infocommunications market.

On request of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Fornax ICT developed and implemented the Hír-Közmű 1.0 system within the framework of the Hír-Közmű project. The system not only automates the internal operations of the authority during the construction licensing and construction supervision procedures, but also has an impact on the entire Hungarian infocommunications market through its spatial database and object-based approach to communications networks. The move to licensing based on geodata will not only improve the co-operation between applicants and the authority, but will also establish a public register of communications equipment with nationwide coverage.

Created by the integration of Eventus Process Management (jBPM) and Registration systems (eCMDB), the Hír-Közmű 1.0 system ensures the electronic authentication and assessment of applications and plans, supports on-site inspections, related administration, report generation, as well as the production and storage of documents generated during the process. The integrated system will significantly reduce the costs associated with the construction licensing process, while the electronic design and built-in automation will also significantly reduce the time required for these processes.

A further significant benefit of digitalisation is the uniform and professional processing, storage and analysis of infocommunications infrastructure and geodata received during the official procedures, which has resulted in the creation of a uniform geospatial database with a national coverage serving as a public communications register. The standardisation is ensured by the Unified Infocommunications Object Model, which provides a single data model for market stakeholders, planners, service providers and public authorities. The Unified Sectoral Planning Support System, also developed by Fornax ICT and provided free of charge by the authority, offers the professional community a planning tool to easily produce the data required by the 20/2020 regulation of the authority. This application can be downloaded from the authority’s website, and it provides efficient support for stakeholders who prepare their network development plans in an AutoCAD environment.

And that is not the end of the story. The Hír-Közmű system, developed jointly by the experts of FORNAX and the authority, has great potential for further development. For example, a national public register of infocommunications geodata could provide an opportunity to offer official pre-data. With the help of the pre-data service, a planner can obtain the relevant spatial and infrastructure data from the authority within the specified plan constraints even before the planning activity starts. The use of pre-data significantly simplifies both the planning work and the related data reconciliation.