FORNAX – Focusing on Sustainability

2022. 04. 16.

Climate change calls for immediate and decisive actions by individuals and organisations alike. FORNAX has taken decisive steps in several areas to help avoid a climate catastrophe.

There are several challenges facing humanity today, of which climate change is perhaps the most pressing, as its impact is increasingly felt day to day, therefore immediate action and intervention is needed in this area. Any green innovation, any technological development that helps to reduce waste and overconsumption at the level of the society, and any action that reduces the ecological footprint of individuals, organisations and companies is critical. The 100% Hungarian-owned Fornax Company Group has taken steps in all three areas over the past decade for the timely avoidance of a climate catastrophe.

One of the most prominent among the green technologies is the EVENTUS-based HGAS Waste Management Baseline System developed by FORNAX for OKTF NHI. This solution has provided modern and cost-effective IT support for waste management, ensuring the monitoring of thousands of tonnes* of waste selectively collected and recycled every year, while allowing OKTF NHI to replace its previous paper-based documentation with an electronic one. The mobile application developed for this purpose has made it possible to track important data on collected waste and on the routes of waste collection vehicles, and to use and process the information to help partners in their more efficient operation. The system also enables the quick electronic reporting of illegally dumped waste and facilitates its removal. In 2015, the waste management system was awarded the Delfin Prize in the category “Innovation for Sustainability” by Magyar Telekom’s panel of judges. The IT giant founded this award in 2008 to recognise and reward companies that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to sustainable development.

Two years later, in 2017, FORNAX repeated the feat, as the Hungarian company was yet again awarded the prestigious recognition for the development of Redinner, a tool to eliminate food waste. The Redinner app aims to connect catering establishments and consumers so that unsold food prepared in restaurants, canteens and cafes does not end up in the bin at the end of the day, but can be “reserved” by customers at a discounted price, perhaps even taking their means into account.

Efficient use of existing resources is not only a feature of the two award-winning projects, but of all EVENTUS-based systems, as the workflow and workforce management system is designed to ensure efficient and, where possible, waste-free use of existing resources. For example, on our projects, this has resulted in an average 13 percent reduction in travel time, 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption and 30 percent reduction in time needed to provision the repair work, while allowing the company’s employees to do 60 percent more work. FORNAX partners have therefore achieved and are achieving significant improvements not only in their financial performance, but also in the size of their ecological footprint thanks to the optimised and efficiency-driven organisation of work by the Eventus solution.

As a partner committed to sustainability, the Fornax Company Group implements resource efficiency not only for its customers, but also for its own member companies. It only prints on paper documents that are actually needed, collects waste separately, uses energy-efficient equipment with individual climate control in its offices and also tries to avoid waste by encouraging telecommuting. By using less electricity, petrol and paper, we can significantly reduce our impact on the environment and protect the planet we have inherited.


*According to the Budapest Environmental Status Assessment study, the amount of waste collected separately by public services exceeded 96 thousand tonnes in 2019.