TM Forum 2017 – FORNAX among those present in Nice

2017. 05. 30.

Fornax was present this year again at the TM Forum, the most prestigious event and expo of the IT/Telco sector, where our company was represented by general manager Zoltán Nagy, and experts László Rudolf and Balázs Virághalmy in Fornax ICT colours.

This year’s expo was visited by more than 3500 guests who had the chance to learn about the products and services of almost 100 exhibitors. More than 350 CEOs participated at the demos representing their own companies. The participants had the opportunity to discuss the IT and business challenges of our age, to have a glance at one another’s business solutions, to find common ground in questions regarding innovation and the increasing of efficiency and to broaden their business relationships and partnerships.
At the expo we learned about the product of several exhibitors, including the innovations of Netcracker, Comarch, Sigma Systems, CROSS, netYCE and FNT Software, and we obtained new international business and professional partners.
We watched several catalyst project demos, where the members of the TM Forum (representatives of the telecommunication industry, system integrators, vendors) connected their solutions following the suggestions of the Forum.

A few Catalyst projects worth mentioning:

  • Maximizing Engagement with Predictive Customer Journeys
    During the sales process it is important to learn about the behaviour and motivation of the customers. The catalyst illuminated how metadata specific to the subscriber and the sales process can be created, structured and efficiently analysed.
  • Smart City on the Edge
    A lot of Smart City projects throughout the world is struggling with the enormous costs incurred by various on-site sensors sending giant quantities of data to the central servers. Smart City on Edge presented a totally new approach, using a distributed architecture, in which intelligent processing units are installed as close to the source of the information as possible, thereby decreasing the traffic towards the central data hub.
  • Offer Canvas
    The catalyst offers a solution to problems of overcomplicated and therefore slow OSS/BSS, enabling the service providers to focus on their customers and competitors. The experts suggested three options to concentrate on in order to achieve the desired goal:
  1. using reusable, catalogue based OSS/BSS modules;
  2. supporting more accurate proposals with the options offered by analytics;
  3. ensuring near real-time OSS/BSS response times.


  • Unleash the Power of Hybrid Network Orchestration
    We saw an exceptionally good solution of how flexible service and network modelling can simplify the creation and configuration of a new service regarding certain criteria. Following the configuration the presented solution even verified the proper working of the service in the IPVPN network.
  • Process of Things (PoT)
    The presented catalyst provided a good example of how diversely the various process based approaches within the Internet of Things can support various areas of life. We got to know how to make unique proposals representing real value during sales on a traditional web site, and how a health conscious lifestyle can be encouraged through pedometers and pulse meter devices and solutions.
  • Beyond Sales: Powering IoE Ecosystems with Open Platforms and APIs
    The representative of the catalyst project presented a prototype developed by China Mobile, in which all the capabilities that can support the newest Smart City, big data and IoT requirements were integrated on a common platform, in a single ecosystem. The platform has a standard API, enabling easy integration with other service providers and manufacturers.

In addition the specific demos and professional presentations of the catalyst projects, we had the opportunity to learn about trends and technical solutions behind the projects. Fornax experts wish to leverage the newly acquired knowledge of these professional solutions in their future business integration efforts.

The conference was a great opportunity for us to get first-hand information about the trends of IT and telecommunication and the latest approaches through the most important professional forum. The event provided an unmissable chance for international networking and knowledge exchange. We got confirmation regarding the solution of several problems that are important from a professional point of view. The conference also showed us what we should strive for in the future, what approaches we should follow, and what topics we should focus on.

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