Scuba diving for the Fornax team

2016. 08. 08.

A víz alatt, a víz felett, a jégen, vagy a levegőben. Bár a tűzzel nem játszanak, de a Fornaxosok szinte minden közegben igyekeznek kipróbálni magukat.

The Fornax team likes to prove worthy in areas outside the business, such as curling, bowling, foosball or running. Following their successes in various sports, they tested their skills in yet another one, and went scuba diving in Aquaworld.

One member of the team is already an experienced diver, for the others, however, being under water was a first. During the first session Fornax pupils learned to handle the equipment and practiced some rudimentary excrcises. One of these is the so called Buddha position, during which the diver needs to hover in a Buddha position, without ever floating up to the surface or sinking down to the bottom.

„Although the training happens in shgallow water, it is important for the nebies to overcome any fears they might have of the unusual surroundings, and in the open water feeling safe will be essential”, said the most experienced member of the team.

Above all they had to get used to the new environment, which may sound simple, but is not so easy in practice, as they not only needed to get used to the outfit and the oxygen, they also had to acquire the appropraite movements. Several members soon acquired the taste for it, and enjoyed being under water with the fins on their feet and the air tank on their backs. Diving cylinder, that is, because one of the fist things they learned was that no self respecting diver calls the diving cylinder an air tank.

„Most of us have never dived before, we were curious, and as far as I’m concerned, we can try open waters next time”, a team member said after the training.