Fornax Innovation Picnic – casual dialogue about our business

2016. 06. 05.

Casual chats, exchanging of insights, a lot of experience – the first Innovation Picnic of the Fornax company group in a nutshell. Although the venue, the offices of Loffice, was anything but a nutshell.

Anybody interested in novelties of technology, news about business models driving the economy, or is curious about the expert opinion of others, simply had to be there at the first Innovation Picnic of Fornax.

The goal of the new Fornax initiative was for the company group to provide a regular self-organizing forum at a casual event where staff of the subsidiaries has the opportunity of professional dialogue. The Innovation Picnic offered a chance to exchange views about novel solutions and business models, to share and discuss accumulated ideas, knowledge and experience. The voluntary events were aimed at every employee who is happy to explore the novelties of an industry, or simply has the urge to meet peers and talk shop casually during an afternoon.

At the first Innovation Picnic the participants learned about two major professional presence. Our colleagues had participated at CeBit in Hannover, one of the world’s largest IT expo and fair, where in addition to extending professional relationships, they were able to liaise with potential future partners as well. In the shortest run among the novelties the extended reality solutions can be expected to show up in the portfolio of Fornax ICT.

The other also global professional event was the TM Forum in Nice, where the company group was the only Hungarian exhibitor with its Eventus solution. At this forum we had the opportunity to present our Eventus product alongside globally established telecommunication vendors such as Netcracker, Ericsson or Huawei. Moreover it was a great acknowledgement that the E.Fault@CC module of Eventus made it to the TM Forum list this year.

Our colleagues returned with a lot of interesting and useful experience from both events, and had therefore stories to tell for the picnickers. The inspiring atmosphere of the Box room of the Loffice office was a great venue for the first Innovation Picnic of Fornax.