First Infobál with an aim to create tradition

2015. 03. 23.

Hagyományteremtő jelleggel, első alkalommal rendezték meg idén az Infobált, melynek egyik támogatója a Fornax volt.

Infobál, the gala event of the infocommunications industry was organized for the first time in the ball season of 2015 in the Budapest Marriott Hotel with an aim to create a tradition.

The event was organized by a committee within the Hungarian Association Responsible for Active Communication and Social Development, the operative execution was the task of RedOne Event.

IT and infocommunications are not only quickly developing sectors, communication is also a cornerstone of our society and everyday life. The committee organizing InfoBál considered it its main goal to create an opportunity for the prominent members of the industry to meet.

Beside the topics of business and technology, the event laid great emphasis on entertainment and social interaction. Representatives of the financial and business sectors were invited, as well as key players in diplomacy, culture and public life. Over 250 guests visited InfoBál this year.

The Gracia Violin Trio, László Budai and Andrea Pirity tango world champions and the Why Not orchestra all gave performances at the event. The money raised by a silent auction was donated to the Magic Lamp Foundation, an organization helping the dreams and wishes of chronically ill children between ages 3 and 18 come true.

Fornax, a company with a past of 25 years on both the domestic and the international IT markets also values the development of the IT and infocommunications industry and the prosperous cooperation of the players of the sector, and consequently supported the initiative.