Saint Nick’s Party at Fornax

2016. 12. 13.

Some kids learned a poem, others made a drawing, and one little girl was so excited that she couldn’t even nap in the afternoon, knowing that Fornax’s Father Christmas would be waiting for her in the evening at this year’s Saint Nick’s party.

After the Children’s Day in summer Fornax, the proud owner of two Family Friendly awards, hosted a Santa Claus party for the Fornax youth. The old bearded man greeted the children once again in Kölyökpark adventure land, sitting comfortably on his golden throne. The tiny ones and the somewhat bigger ones looked forward to meeting the man in the red suit and his aides as much as they awaited the slides, the climbing, the riding and the generous gift pack. The two right hands of our colleague, Peti Franta (aka Santa), Virág and Ildi gnomes provided professional support to their boss, who listened to every poem and song kindly and rewarded the little performers with a package.

After that the pre-schoolers and preadolescents were able to join the variety of exciting games – and the night was crowned by the gnomes taking part in the merriment and there was no stopping the carefree fun. This pleased the grown-ups and the parents as well, as it finally gave them the opportunity to have a chat.

The party was so intimate that one of the grandmothers, china painter by profession, managed the face painting workshop with the help of Zsóka. Fabulous works of art emerged as if they had been done by Herendi or Zsolnay – butterflies, ladybirds, bees, but also zombies and snakes.

Fornax’s Santa was satisfied once again with the children, all things considered he was of the opinion that even last year’s troublemakers showed excellent behaviour this year, and everyone deserved the gift and the unforgettable Saint Nick’s party.