Fornax Innovation Picnic II. – IoT and the options to automate your home

2016. 07. 18.

Újabb gondolatébresztő eszmecserék a Fornax 2. Innovációs Piknikén Nagy Zoltánnal, a Fornax ICT ügyvezető igazgatójával az IoT és az otthon automatizálásának témájában.

Encouraged by the success of first Innovation Picnic Fornax organized this casual event again, inviting people to thought provoking discussions that were not necessarily connected to every day developments, but evoked the ideas of our highly qualified experts. This time the topic was IoT and the automation of the home, and the topic lead was Zoltán Nagy. The general manager of Fornax ICT has been working on corporate infocommunication solutions for twenty years, and is very open to new technologies, and considers finding technical solutions to our daily problems a challenge. This hot topic attracted our open and interested colleagues and beside developers other areas of expertise were represented as well.

And why is IoT such a hot topic? In June Brett King, an author and future researcher well known in America, gave a lecture in Hungary. Let us see some of the thoughts and forecasts he shared with the audience:

By 2033 there will be more robots than people.

By 2025 the global market leader of every industry will be a technology enterprise, regardless of the activity.

IT and its devices and solutions have become so much a part of life that many of us don’t even realize that it was a mere 30 years ago that the PC conquered the world. During that time these innovations changed not only our daily lives, but also our society. The experts of Kaspersky Lab recently ventured to look into the distant future on this important anniversary, to try to picture where IT is heading, how it will change life on earth by 2045, in another mere 30 years.

“The current rate of development in IT makes it difficult to deliver precise predictions about where we will be in a few decades. However, it is clear that every year our technologies will get even smarter and the people who work with them will need to keep up. We can certainly be sure that cybercriminals will continue to make every effort to exploit any new IT advances for their own malicious purposes,” said Alexander Gostev, Chief Security Expert at Kaspersky Lab. “But whatever our world looks like in 30 years, we should start improving its comfort, safety and well-being now. Technology is just a tool, and it is entirely up to us whether we use it for good or for evil.”

Looking at current trends we can see isolated solutions for garden irrigation, heating, air conditioning, asset security, but comprehensive turnkey solutions are lacking. Thinking together was a real professional and intellectual challenge and adventure for Fornax experts who have been working on professional corporate solutions, management information systems and complex financial IT systems for years.

A report on the first innovation picnic: