Csaba Mátyás, the financial manager of Fornax is once again the winner of the Accountant of the Year award.

2016. 02. 04.

Following his second place last year Csaba Mátyás came in first in 2015 in the „Accountant of the Year” national competition.

This year it was the fourth time the „Accountant of the Year” and „Tax Advisor of the Year” competitions were announced. The number of entrants increase every year, in 2015 more than 2500 accountants and tax advisors applied to participate in the national challenge. The competition lasted for half a year, in the first round applicants had to pass a written exam, and in the second round they had to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in front of a panel of esteemed judges, both orally and in writing. The judges of the second round were Dr. Tibor Pál and Dr. Mihály Hegedűs, president and vice-president of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors, Dr. György Herich and Andrea Rabb, president and vice-president of the Association of Hungarian Certified Tax Experts, and Márta Munkácsi certified tax expert and certified auditor. The awards were presented by Zoltán Pankucsi, Deputy State Secretary for Taxation and Accounting.

Csaba Mátyás, the financial manager of Fornax came in first this year in the „Accountant of the Year” national competition. Csaba participated last year as well, and won second prize in 2014.

As a young child Csaba did not dream of a career in accounting, and later in his teen years he was more interested in music. A family anecdote, however, suggests that there were early signs of Csaba going down this path after all. According to the story, Csaba as a young child walked into the living room with two dictionaries on his head, and said „Look, I am balancing the books”.

The hunch turned out to be correct, following his training as a jazz drummer, Csaba enrolled to the College of Finance and Accountancy of the BBS, where he got his degree in 2009 with a „Pro Universitate Juventutis” qualification. He therefore traded his drums and other percussion instruments for the Act on Accountancy and Excel worksheets – to our great joy, as Csaba has been leading the financial team of Fornax for four years.

Congratulations, Csaba 🙂