INFOPROG 2015 competition and „Girls in ICT” conference

2015. 05. 27.

Girls in ICT was the title given to a full day conference and workshops in Salgótarján. There was also an IT competition for Hungarian high school students living within and beyond the country’s borders. Fornax supported both events.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources more than 2000 men and only 316 women completed their training in the area of IT in Hungary last year, while more than 10 000 jobs were announced. Experience also tells us that parents are more likely  to encourage sons to have a career in IT, and a very small percentage of girls think of IT as a secure future and career. The „Girls in ICT” symposium & conference examined this topic from a number of vantage points, including development and social policies. The conference and workshops at the end of April were visited by almost 400 students, parents, teachers and others in Salgótarján. The „Girls in ICT” initiative is meant to encourage girls to see a career in IT and IT engineering as a potential option when making a decision about their future.

In addition to the conference and workshops INFOPROG 2015., the 20th IT competition for Hungarian high school students, was also organized. It also served as the national championship for Hungarian high school students from Slovakia. The main organizer of the contest, the Infotér Association gave out donations, grants and gifts with a total value of over 4 million HUF to the winners and their schools within and beyond the borders of Hungary.

Fornax deems the future of Hungarian IT talents beyond our borders just as important as those living in Hungary, boys and girls alike – and therefore supported both initiatives.