„Challenge 24” – 12. International programming competition

2012. 05. 29.

The 12th International 24-hour programming competition that goes by the name of „Challenge 24” took place on the 10th of May, 2012 at the Technical University of Budapest. Fornax ICT Kft. supported the event as a diamond-grade sponsor.

Challenge 24 grew to be one of the most important programming competitions, so Fornax ICT Kft, being an IT company, helped to make the event a reality. We felt it important to contribute to the challenging of talented young IT professionals, so we became a diamond-grade sponsor of the competition organized by the Technical University of Budapest.

This year’s 24-hour programming competition ended with the victory of the Russian Havka-papstvo team. Three Hungarian teams made it to the contest, the one bearing the name grotzsch_men missed third place by just 10 points.

The event started on a Saturday at 9 a.m., and finished at 9 a.m. the next day, during which time varied tasks had to be solved, just like in previous years. There were several interactive tasks, so teams playing against one another brought about exciting moments in the ww3 strategy game or the 30 team version of Airhockey. A task involving TV was to identify enemy aircrafts after decoding analogue TV signals. All three tasks were projected on large screens, so the audience was able to enjoy the competition as well. Wheelchair was a task inspired by real life, in which contestants had to go through a maze in a wheelchair.

At the closing ceremony the cup was given to the team Havka-papstvo. The members of the winning team also received a ring with the intention of starting a tradition. The organizers would like to elevate Challenge24 among the traditional competitions.