Practical and ergonomic solutions – complete office renovation at Fornax ICT

2021. 09. 15.

Tables with electrically adjustable height for work done sitting down and standing up, acoustic colour wall panels, break out zone with bean bags, kitchen high table with bar stools, custom print-point, refurbished meeting rooms, Icelandic lichen and moss, shell lounge chairs. Some of the new solutions from Fornax ICT’s newly renovated office on Váci út.

Rethought spaces, practical and innovative solutions characterise the recently renovated office of Fornax ICT in the Quadra Office Building on Váci út. The meeting zone, the entrance corridor, the dining room and the common areas have all been completely redesigned.

Comfort was not the only consideration during the installation of the tailor-made furniture, mobility, ergonomics and, in particular, the design of the standing workstations were also taken into account. Therefore, the height of most of the newly installed office desks can be adjusted manually or electrically, even via a phone app.

The office has been transformed with an emphasis on the concentrated use of live green plants, with round lichen and moss panels and plant boxes adorning the rooms, providing a pleasant microclimate. The plants receive the light they need through individual glass doors in each room.

When designing the new office environment and meeting zones to create comfortable and practical spaces, it was also important to provide staff with the opportunity to take time out and recharge, ensured by the dedicated break-out area.

The refurbished office is decorated with playful design elements evoking a lounge atmosphere. This thematic interior design is reflected in the kitchen high table and bar stool ensemble, the shell lounge chairs and the coffee corner. For the best possible interior soundproofing, the walls are covered with colourful acoustic wall panels with geometric patterns in several areas.

Fornax ICT’s recently refurbished office with 60 workstations was occupied by the team at the end of this summer.