Run! – Fornax at K&H’s Move! marathon and half marathon relay race

2016. 06. 25.

True to tradition Fornax was present at K&H’s Move! marathon and half marathon relay race on the 12th of June.

On one of the biggest sport events this year a clement weather also contributed to good results. Similarly to the events of Futanet, this was a pleasant day out seasoned with street musicians and volunteers who encouraged the runners together with friends and family.

The runners started from beside the City Park, and this was also where they returned having completed the traditional 42.195 km distance. Just like in previous years runners had the option to compete individually or as a relay team. The members of the Fornax relay team ran 7 kilometres each in a total of 4 hours, 2 minutes, 33 seconds.

To avoid wasting precious minutes when handing over the relay stick, utter concentration and harmonized work was necessary. The runners were waiting in the boxes, and in case they were not alert enough, they did not find one another at relay points, which of course resulted in substantial time loss. Fornax staff members went there earlier and they informed each other continuously about the arrival time of the runner, so that the next runner could be ready at once to take over – and could warm up in the meantime. This required true teamwork.

It was Fornax’s second challenge of this type this year, but our colleagues who like running and football can look forward to at least one prestigious running race and an international summer football cup, about which we will also relate on Fornax’s page.